Chapter 982 - Refining the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol

The ancient lightning symbol flickered with lightning as it silently hovered in front of Lin Dong. Even with the latter’s usual calm, his body had involuntarily trembled from excitement as he looked at the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol in close proximity.

Although he was excited, Lin Dong did not reach out his hand. This was because he knew that obtaining the acknowledgement of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol did not mean that he had succeeded…

There was still the Devouring Ancestral Symbol within his body. If the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol was absorbed into his body, the power of the two Ancestral Symbols would definitely reject each other. The result of this mutual rejection was something that Lin Dong would not be able to endure no matter how powerful his physical body had now become.


Lin Dong could only look upon this Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol which was just a grasp away....

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