Chapter 977 - Bitter Struggle Till The End

Three layers of solid defence proudly stood in the air. Shocking energy fluctuations were continuously emitted, causing space itself to become somewhat distorted.

“Though you are merely at the advance Profound Life stage, you are actually able to set up such powerful defenses. It must be said that you are indeed quite incredible.”

Mo Luo stood in the air. Red light that spanned ten thousand feet circulated around his body like a lake. He looked at the defences that Lin Dong had set up by using everything he had, before he nodded slightly. Finally, he uttered those words in a faint voice.

“However… I am sorry to inform you that your defences cannot stop me.”

Mo Luo’s eyes suddenly turned stern after his final word sounded as the entire place immediately turned scorching hot. In the next instant, Mo Luo extended his finger and pressed it onto the empty air.


This entire world seemed to...

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