Chapter 974 - Eliminating The Yimo King

Three rays of resplendent light tore through the Thunder World. Finally, they were accompanied by an indescribable destructive fluctuations as they charged into the hundred thousand feet large swirling vortex. Next, theyruthlessly slammed against the evil black sun, that was being continuously pushed back.


A terrifying loud sound directly ricochiated across this Thunder World the moment the collision occurred. Due to that impact, the lightning sea region below was actually shattered into pieces and turned into many large lakes, that floated in the Thunder World.

The black sun collapsed almost instantaneously in the face of this attack and the evil black Qi swiftly disappeared. With the collapse of the black sun, the Yimo king below was also exposed to the attacks of the three great Ancestral Symbols…


The Yimo king stared at the three great Ancestral Symbols whistling towards him, while rich horror spread across his eyes. This time around, it had truly felt the threat of impending...

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