Chapter 960 - Thunder Hall

In the sky, a figure shot out from within a scarlet red cauldron. Proceeding to wave his sleeve, the glowing cauldron transformed into a streak of light, before drilling into his body.

“Big brother Lin Dong!” upon seeing this spectacle, happiness instantly erupted flashed across Mu Lingshan’s big eyes, who was getting somewhat restless, while guarding him outside.

Lin Dong smiled at Mu Lingshan. After he saw that nothing amiss had occurred, he faintly heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. After all, there were already quite a number of treasure hunters in this cave dwelling. If they were to discover that Lin Dong had obtained the purest thunderbolt core, it would be quite troublesome.

“Big brother Lin Dong, have you dealt with that demonic corpse?” looking at Lin Dong’s back, Mu Lingshan asked after she realized that the silvery corpse that had caused them quite a bit of trouble, was no longer there.

“Yes. I’ve helped that senior to dispel the Yimo Qi within his body. However, he’s just a remnant soul. After his will scattered, he disappeared from this world.” Lin Dong replied, nodding his head while showing...

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