Chapter 943 - A Mysterious Red-Robed Man

“May I know who are you?:”

When Lin Dong spoke those words, shock and horror were present within his heart. He was usually very cautious and prudent. However, right now, he had even used the Ancestral Stone within his body. This was always considered as a fairly major secret to him. Mu Lingshan was a person that he trust: first of all, she simply didn’t know about it, and second, even if she knew, Lin Dong was not worried. However, the red robed man that had suddenly appeared caused Lin Dong to feel somewhat at a loss.

Upon uttering those words, Lin Dong body abruptly began to tighten. Yuan Power erupted into his meridian, causing him to appear akin to a leopard about to pounce on its prey, with aggressive intent brimming all over his body.

“Haha. You’re truly a cautious fellow.” the red robed man said with a laugh, as if could feel the intense reaction coming from Lin Dong.

This person was completely wrapped in red robes, with even his face completely concealed under its...

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