Chapter 942 - Massacre

Bang Bang!

The gigantic glowing array in the sky spread out. Boundless and majestic energy flooded out from within, while an astonishing aura started to radiate out from it.


As the giant array took shape, the eighteen withered figures had already flew over. Without any intelligence, they naturally did not know how to evade. Therefore, they had continued with their movement and rushed straight into the array.


Just as they rushed into the array, the Ancient Universe Formation instantly produced a low humming sound. Boundless energy erupted out, before transforming into countless streaks of light that shot out. Forming a net, it completely entangled the eighteen withered figures within.


This obstruction instantly caused those withered figures to emitted low roars akin to wild beasts. The black flames that covered their bodies rapidly swept out, setting the light net twining their bodies on fire.

Chi Chi!

Those black flames were clearly...

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