Chapter 941 - Pursuit

Black flames, which blotted the skies, erupted abruptly and swept across the empty arena. Meanwhile, the sinister and chilling sensation emitted by it, caused the surrounding temperature to rapidly plummet.

As these withered figures slowly stood up, Lin Dong quickly reacted and dragged Mu Lingshan as they rapidly retreated. He had encountered a similar situation before. During his time in Unique Devil Region, the demonic corpses that he had seen were similar to those in front of him now. The only difference was that these eighteen withered figures were clearly much much more powerful that the demonic corpses that he met previously.

While retreating, Lin Dong’s eyes rapidly swept across the Dantian of the eighteen withered figures. A black light whirlpool was present in everyone of them, while a sinister and chilling black air prevaded them. At the same time, rich fluctuations of Death Qi were mixed within those whirlpools.

“Before these people died, they were all of the Death Profound Stage…”

Lin Dong’s eyes faintly narrowed. After suffering the corrosion of that sinister black air, it could...

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