Chapter 940 - Inside The Cave

The instant Lin Dong charged into the light circle, he was able to clearly sense a powerful spatial fluctuation being emitted from within. Resplendent silver light filled his eyes. A moment later, he gradually got used to it and slowly opened up his eyes.

The scene in front of him was captured into his mind the moment he opened his eyes. Subsequently, an absent minded look filled his eyes.

An extremely vast swath of land appeared in front of Lin Dong and there were many clusters of buildings on it. However, most of these buildings were already in ruins. Nevertheless, judging from the scale of the ruins, it was not difficult to imagine how majestic and mighty they were when everything was still in perfect condition back then.

The entire land had a grayish and defeated colour and a delipidated aura permeated over the entire area. The ancient feeling mixed within it caused one to understand that this land had not seen any form of life for a long time.

Lin Dong was a little startled as he observed the scene in front of him. Clearly, he did not expect that this mysterious cave was actually so broken down. At a glance, it did not appear...

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