Chapter 934 - Killing as a Deterrence

Four blade holding human figures stood at the end of the ancient street. These four figures were wearing blood red robes with blood blade patterns, while a bloody scent faintly scattered from their bodies.

The auras of these four individuals were relatively powerful. Judging from their mighty Yuan Power fluctuations, the four of them had all stepped into the advance Profound Life stage, while their leader was at the peak of the advance Profound Life stage.

Countless gazes looked at the four human figures. After which, some whispers swiftly spread.

“It is the blood blade four generals of the Blood Blade Sect. The leader is Lu Zong, right?”

“Those four fellows have ended up taking the lead. These people are really impatient.”

“I wonder how Lin Dong will fare against these four people? They are experts who have already made a name for themselves in the Chaotic Demon Sea…”

“The four blood blade generals specialise in fighting together. If the four of them join hands, even a perfect Profound Life stage expert will have some difficulty.”

“This Lin Dong is really a little ...

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