Chapter 927 - Encounter During the Journey

As news of the silver tower being snatched by Lin Dong swiftly spread, the sea regions neighbouring Sky Merchant Region became increasingly noisy. Various factions dispatched their forces in an attempt to search for Lin Dong and snatch the silver tower. There were also quite a number of lone experts amongst this group who also wanted to get involved in this matter. After all, the allure of a cave dwelling belonging to a Reincarnation stage expert was really difficult to resist…

However, such activity did not have much results. While the sea region was in complete chaos, the scarlet red cauldron continued to quietly hide deep at the bottom of the sea while waiting for all of it to come to an end.

This continued for half a month or so, before the various factions began to withdraw from their fruitless search. It was likely that Lin Dong had already ventured far away. Regardless of how capable they were, it was clearly an extremely difficult task to find someone within this endless Chaotic Demon Sea.

The scarlet red cauldron, which had been hidden under the reef for...

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