Chapter 921 - Unexpected Turn of Events

A couple of figures flew at low altitude outside Sky Merchant City. They did not move quickly, but they moved in complete silence. Even the flow of air where they passed had been scattered. It was as though they were ghosts.

The path that they took was extremely remote. Hence, there was still no one who was able to discover these few figures quietly leaving the city, despite Sky Merchant City’s currently incomparably chaotic state.


The figures pushed off the empty air with their toes, and rushed forward once again. Enormous black robes covered their bodies. As the wind blew over, it lifted a corner of the leading figure’s black robe. That handsome face belonged to Xie Yan from the Demonic Wind Cave.

“Junior cave chief, protector Liu and the others had been entangled by someone…” A person softly stated behind Xie Yan.

“Aye.” Xie Yan nodded slightly. A dark expression flashed across his eyes, as he looked back, and spoke in a sinister voice, “These people actually dare...

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