Chapter 917 - Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol Clue

“Thunderbolt… Ancestral Symbol?”

The earthshaking noise that originally reverberated beside Lin Dong’s ears seemed to have completely vanished at this moment. Only these four words continued to rumble within Lin Dong’s head like thunder. It was as though there was the faint sound of rumbling thunder exploding in his head, causing his scalp to turn somewhat numb.

Lin Dong’s eyes were a little unfocused as he looked at the silver tower in Tang Dongling’s hand. He had never imagined that he would genuinely sense an Ancestral Symbol in this place after searching for so many years!

Others might not be able to sense that special fluctuation from the silver tower. However, Lin Dong, who possessed the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, felt as though he had been electrocuted.

That fluctuation of something that originated from the same source was something that nothing in the world could imitate!

Lin Dong’s pupils, which had shrunk to the size of pinholes, stared intently at the...

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