Chapter 916 - Main Auction Item?

An uproar suddenly swept over the auction ground like a wave. Everyone were a little stunned as they looked at the extremely cute girl with two pigtails within the seating area. It was likely that they did not expect that the shocking price from earlier had actually come from her mouth…

“You…” Lin Dong was also stunned as he looked at Mu Lingshan. He never imagined that she would actually intervene in this manner.

“Who asked that fellow to be so dis-likeable.” Mu Lingshan mumbled.

On the auction stage, Tang Dongling was also stunned because of Mu Lingshan’s bid. She only recovered a moment later, before looking at Lin Dong as she smiled a little and said, “Little girl, you cannot randomly shout bids in this place.

“Are you worried that I do not have money?” Mu Lingshan small mouth frowned, as she spoke in a dissatisfied manner.

Tang Dongling shook her head, and looked at Lin Dong in a somewhat helpless manner. The latter returned a helpless smile. After which, he nodded towards her. Although this little girl Mu Lingshan was young, she would not go overboard. Moreover, this ten million might be a shocking price, but she also possessed an extraordinary background....

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