Chapter 901 - Rescue


A hurried rushing wind noise suddenly sounded over the calm surface of the sea. A scarlet red light flew rapidly approached from far away, before it once again took off at an astonishing shocking speed. Due to its great speed, clear traces of passage had appeared on the surface of the sea below.

Bang bang!

Soon after this scarlet red light appeared, an earthshaking rumbling sound was emitted from behind. Hundreds of bloody lights appeared. Numerous savage Blood Sharks broke out of the water, and frantically chased the scarlet red light in front of them.

This fleeing and chasing also caused the usually calm sea surface to become extremely lively.

“Cut them off and stop them!”

Commander Xia’s eyes were maliciously cold as he watched the scarlet red light frantically galloping away. His eyes were filled with fury, as a low roar, which was filled with viciousness, was emitted from his mouth.

This mission of theirs was very important. If Mu Lingshan managed...

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