Chapter 898 - Blood Demon Shark Clan

The waters of the endless sea region sparkled under the rays of the sun. Occasionally, large birds would sweep past in the sky. Their sharp cries added some liveliness to this calm ocean.

At a particular spot in this sea region, a skinny young man slowly walked out from deep within a small island formed by reefs, before raising his head as he looked at the azure sky. Both of his hands were clenched tightly as he felt the once again vigorous energy within his body, while a smile formed on his face.

This figure was naturally Lin Dong, who had engaged in a life and death battle with the Nefarious Bone old man ten days ago. Although Lin Dong had managed to seriously injure and eventually frighten off the Nefarious Bone old man during that battle, he had also reached his limit. Hence, he immediately left the battleground and found a deserted place to recuperate for ten days. Only then did he recover his strength. At the same time, he had also completely removed the bone seal that the Nefarious Bone old man had left within his body.

“Given how serious that old ghost’s injuries were, without a couple of months,...

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