Chapter 891 - Trouble Knocking on One’s Door

Several human figures stood in front of the Chaotic Tower. They were all watching the tightly shut door that led into the enormous stone tower before them. It had been a month since Lin Dong had entered...

Lin Dong did not show any indications of coming out during this one month. This caused Gu Shou’s group to feel quite startled. Although they were aware that the Desolation Qi within the Chaotic Tower had the miraculous effect of tempering one’s physical body, the Desolation Qi was also exceptionally heavy. It was not easy to endure for one month within it.

“Could something have happened?” Gu Mengqi’s pretty eyes stared at the tower door, as she asked in a worried voice.

“It should be fine. Lin Dong’s strength is extraordinary, and he has a cautious character. He will definitely withdraw if he realises that he can no longer endure. The reason for the current situation, is likely because he does not wish to come out…” Gu Shou muttered.

“Ha ha, but for someone with his strength, it is rare to be able to endure for one month within the Chaotic Tower. Even Shentu Jue only lasted for twenty...

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