Chapter 890 - Ancestor Stone Spirit

A light figure slowly drifted out from the mysterious stone talisman. Its appearance was blurry, and it was impossible to clearly see its features. However, the faint trace of life Qi that was emitted allowed one to understand that this light figure seemed to possess life.


Lin Dong was extremely astonished as he watched this scene. Immediately, his eyelids twitched as he said, “Stone Talisman Spirit?”

“It should be the Ancestor Stone Spirit.” The light figure hovered above the stone talisman, as a raspy and calm voice was slowly emitted. The astonishment on Lin Dong’s face gradually started to recede moments later. He curiously observed the light figure and said, “You have been restored?”

“Only my spirit has been awoken. As for my power, not much of it has recovered.” The Ancestor Stone Spirit shook his head. Lin Dong could hear some regret within his words.

“There is a great amount of Desolation Qi within this Chaos Tower. You can use all of it to recover.” Lin Dong suggested.

“It is useless. If I wish to recover some strength, I will need to absorb the eighth storey’s Desolation Qi.” The...

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