Chapter 889 - Purplish Gold Skin


Lin Dong’s body stiffened the moment that purplish gold light charged into his body. After which, his face immediately turned purple, as countless purplish gold rays of light surged out from within his eyes.


A furious curse escaped from the gaps between Lin Dong’s teeth with some difficulty, while his body gently trembled. At this moment, the interior of his body had been turned upside down by the purplish gold light which had barged in.

This purplish golden light was like an ancient dragon from ancient times. It went on a rampage within Lin Dong’s body in an extremely barbaric manner. Despite how powerful his physical body currently was, waves of intense pain could still be felt.


Lin Dong inhaled deeply twice, as he tried his best to suppress the intense pain within his body. After which, he swiftly sat down, and his mind sunk deep within his body. Subsequently, Yuan Power frantically unfurled to surround the purplish gold light that...

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