Chapter 888 - Great Benefits

Howl howl.

The low but clear sounds of a storm continuously resounded within the seventh storey of the Chaotic Tower. Waves of the golden ocean like Desolation Qi formed one after another, a sight that was extremely shocking.

There were two empty zones present within this golden sea. Within them were a man and a talisman. They were like two bottomless pits, as they greedily devoured the surging Desolation Qi around them at a crazily rapid speed.

With this absorption, Lin Dong’s body was now a glittering gold colour, while golden light flowed on his skin. From a distance, he appeared like a ferocious King Kong from ancient times. His entire body gave off a feeling of indescribable and terrifying power.

Moreover, a dragon roar faintly echoed from under the golden light. As his golden skin wiggled, dark green dragon tattoos were vaguely visible. Each time the dragon tattoos...

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