Chapter 868 - Martial Gathering

“Brother Lin Dong, you have a quarrel with Chen Luo?”

Chen Luo did not show any restraint when he made the beheading gesture at Lin Dong. Therefore, even Gu Yuntian and the rest easily noticed it. They were slightly taken aback for a moment, before they asked Lin Dong in surprise.

“While contending for the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit on Mysterious Spirit Island, Wei Song was accompanied by Chen Luo’s junior brother, who was dealt with by Lin Dong in the end.” Gu Yan explained.


Gu Yuntian and the rest gawked, before turning speechless. Never would they have imagined that this seemingly kind and well-mannered youth before them would actually be so vicious. He had even dared to kill a disciple of the Nefarious Bone Old Man...

“Looks like brother Lin Dong has to be a bit more careful if you come face to face with Chen Luo. Although the relationship between them is not that good, they are after all both disciple of the Nefarious Bone Old Man…” Gu Yuntian cautioned Lin Dong.

Lin Dong smiled and nodded his head. Chen Luo was indeed not weak;...

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