Chapter 862 - Martial Gathering Island

Wave swelled and surged on the vast and endless sea. Gigantic waves surged over from far away, before finally crashing heavily onto the side of the ship, creating ear-splitting rumbling noises.

Lin Dong stood at the bow of the ship, and looked towards the endless horizon. The sea winds blew into his face, bringing along the salty smell of the sea. The vastness of the sea truly made one feel refreshed.

It had been several days since they left Mysterious Spirit Island. In this time, they had journeyed without stopping or resting, and had experienced some dreadful and bizarre weather. The strength of nature made Lin Dong understand the terror of Chaotic Demon Sea. However, it was fortunate that the members of the Gu Clan had ample experience, therefore, these things did not impede them at all.

“The place we’re heading to is called Martial Gathering Island, and it is also where the Chaotic Tower is located. It is guarded by experts and a large amount of troops from the five great clans. It only opens at the start of the martial gathering every year. During this period, countless experts will gather. After all, this martial gathering is a pretty big event.” Beside Lin Dong, Gu Yan was explaining the...

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