Chapter 861 - Movement

Upon hearing these words from Lin Dong, a faint smile also appeared on Gu Yan’s face. She had deeply experienced Lin Dong’s character. If the Chaotic Tower was not able to move him, there probably no hope of things going through. However, it was fortunate that his stubbornness had not reached abnormal levels yet...

“The Chaotic Tower is protected by the collaboration efforts of the five great clans. It opens once every year, and there are only three quotas to enter. The champion clan of the martial gathering will be the one to obtain these three quotas.”


Lin Dong’s brows faintly wrinkled. It was obvious that he never imagined that the quotas would be so rare. Furthermore, it was indeed within his expectations that the Great Desolation bead had a connection with the so called martial gathering.

“If brother Lin Dong is able to help our Gu Clan obtain the champion position in this martial gathering, I’ll persuade our clan to give you one of the three quotas, how’s that?” Gu Yan asked.

Lin Dong frowned as he mumbled to himself and calmly pondered about it. He did not wish to participate in matters related to the benefits and grudges between these great clans. However, due to the Stone Talisman within...

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