Chapter 860 - Chaotic Tower

Around the lake where tents had been erected, a few Gu Clan disciples crowded around while feeling rather bored. As they chatted, their gazes continuously scanned the calm and tranquil lake.

At the edge of the lake, Gu Yan’s beautiful eyes were observing the rippleless lake surface, as her umber black brows wrinkled slightly. Lin Dong had entered the lake depths for over one and a half months. During this period, there had been no activity at all...

“Elder sister Gu Yan, it’s already been one and a half months…” Behind Gu Yan, Gu Ying wrinkled her brows and said. This unforeseen circumstance was obviously outside of their expectations. Normally, they would have ample time to wait for Lin Dong. However, there was only half a month left till the five clans martial gathering….

If this continued, they might not even make it in time.

“I’ll go down and take a look.” Gu Yan pondered for a moment, before finally gritting her teeth. She was very clear about the urgency of the matter, but she did not wish to give up on a potential external helper...

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