Chapter 859 - Profound Life Stage

Time similarly passed rapidly in the vast scarlet square beneath the magma at the depths of the lake. A slim figure quietly sat beside the magma rock pool. Yuan Power fluctuations continuously radiated from his body, while low and deep rumbling noises faintly echoed...


As the rumbling noise appeared, Lin Dong’s tightly shut eyes suddenly opened, as a deep frown appeared on his face. He clenched his hand slightly and murmured, “Peak nine Yuan Nirvana stage…”

With the energies of the Life Mysterious Spirit Fruit, he had reached the peak nine Yuan Nirvana stage within the past month. Although this speed was already rather good, Lin Dong was still not satisfied.

The level he wanted to reach was obviously higher than this. This time, he wanted to truly break through to the Profound Life stage!

He had already crossed paths with several Profound Life stage experts, and naturally clearly understood the strength...

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