Chapter 857 - Token


The stone talisman transformed into a warm white light that tore through the darkness. It headed straight for the stone coffin floating on the lava lake.

This scene was extremely sudden. Even Lin Dong did not manage to recover immediately. He had never imagined that the stone talisman, which had been quietly remaining on his body, would suddenly act in such an odd manner.

Lin Dong immediately focused after regaining his wits, in an attempt to pull back the stone talisman that had flown out. However, his control was completely useless at this moment. Hence, he could only watch the stone talisman, which had transformed into a white light, with a somewhat pale expression. Finally, it appeared above the stone coffin.

Lin Dong looked at the stone talisman as it hovered above the stone coffin, as a drop of cold sweat rolled down his forehead. However, he did not dare to make even the slightest movement. He was unaware of just who the red haired person inside the stone coffin was. Moreover, he was did not know whether this person...

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