Chapter 856 - Mysterious Domain

A vast and endless dark domain appeared in Lin Dong’s sight. This domain was as deep as the night sky, and a single glance made it feel as if the darkness was encroaching into one’s bones, a rather daunting sight.

Of course, what had made Lin Dong so shocked, was naturally not the pure darkness, but in the ten thousand feet wide rivers of magma within the darkness. The magma rivers slowly flowing in this dark domain, interweaving and connecting to each other in the darkness, forming an extremely tremendous and complicated network.

When Lin Dong looked down from above, those flowing magma rivers seemed like giant magma dragons crawling in the darkness. A scene that was peaceful and vast.

Lin Dong gazed at the intersecting magma rivers in shock. This was by far the most spectacular scene he had ever seen. He was still unable to fully imagine, just...

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