Chapter 853 - Entering the Lake

The skinny young man stood in the air. Both of his hands hung at his sides, and his face contained a seemingly gentle smile. However, in the face of his calm smile, all of the factions around the lake were so taken aback that they did not dare to make the smallest movement.


Wei Song stared at Lin Dong who had appeared. The cold smile on his face was so stiff that it looked exceptionally ugly. He swallowed his saliva and a strange sound was emitted from his throat. After which, the corner of his lips twitched as he tried his best to calm himself down.

“Where is brother Xu?” Wei Song’s voice was a little hoarse as he asked.

“He’s been dealt with.” Lin Dong looked at Wei Song. Soon after, he chuckled and answered in an offhanded manner.

The originally quiet atmosphere instantly completely froze because of Lin Dong’s words. Several people quietly inhaled a breath of cold air within their hearts. Mo Zhan, Han Tao and the rest had solemn faces, while rejoicing inwardly. Fortunately, they did not lost their heads because of greed earlier. Who could have...

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