Chapter 851 - Kill


Threads of black light swept out in all direction like a storm, directly covering a hundred feet radius around Xu Yun. It seemed that faint black scars appeared on even empty space itself wherever these black light threads passed.

Xu Yun watched this attack, as a grave expression that could not be hidden surged onto his face. He might have looked down on Lin Dong earlier, but with the appearance of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, he had immediately raised the threat Lin Dong posed to the highest level. This was because he was aware that in spite of the great gap between their strength, it was very possible for a godly object like the Devouring Ancestral Symbol to make up for this difference…

Xu Yun’s eyes were dark and cold. The seal formed by his hand changed, and Mental Energy wildly rushed out like a storm, before swiftly turning into a hundred feet large Mental Energy storm around his body.

Mental Energy was not as violent...

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