Chapter 837: Reward

Chapter 837: Reward

Lin Dong walked out from the dense forest. The first thing he saw was the members of the Gu clan clustering together. He glanced at those Demonic Beast corpses around them and appeared to have understood something. However, his expression remained impassive. He opened his stride and walked in another direction.

“Lin Dong.” Gu Yan hurriedly cried out upon seeing this.

“Yes?” Lin Dong glanced at her. His tone was still as flat as ever. Those surrounding Gu clan members felt a little irritated when they heard this. However, they quickly remembered that this person before them seemed to be an extremely powerful fellow, who had hidden his strength very well. Hence, they had no choice but to suppress the displeasure in their hearts.

“This… was done by you?” Gu Yan did not mind Lin Dong’s attitude. She pointed at those Demonic Beast corpses on the ground. Her eyes were a little strange as she stared at him and asked.

Lin Dong was noncommittal.

“Humph, wouldn’t we know whether he did it once we test him?” Gu Ying by the side was extremely unhappy...

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