Chapter 832: Chaotic Demon Sea, Heaven Wind Sea Region

Chapter 832: Chaotic Demon Sea, Heaven Wind Sea Region

“I found you five days ago, at that time, you were completely covered in blood and you were unconscious. However, I saw that you were still breathing and ended up bringing you back…”

In the carriage, the pretty young lady looked at Lin Dong and softly introduced herself, “I am called Gu Ya.”

“Lin Dong. Miss Gu, thank you for rescuing me.” Lin Dong revealed a friendly smile. He hesitated a moment before asking, “May I know if miss discovered any other injured people in the vicinity when you rescued me?”

He was naturally inquiring about Little Marten and Little Flame.

Gu Ya thought for a moment after hearing this. She subsequently shook her head.

A disappointed expression flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes when he saw this. It seemed like he had indeed been separated from Little Marten and Little Flame…

“Your injuries are very serious. I have invited elder sister Gu Yan to help to take a look. She said…” Gu Ya’s voice paused for a moment. After which, she looked at Lin Dong with some sympathy and continued, “She said that you will no longer be able to cultivate in future…”

Lin Dong was slightly startled, but he did not reply. He clearly understood...

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