Chapter 811: Desolation Stone Beads

Chapter 811: Desolation Stone Beads

Light rays poured down from the enormous formation in the sky, like a prison of light that trapped all the Yuan Gate disciples inside it.

At this time, Lin Dong's crazy actions were already all too clear. He did not intend to let off even a single Yuan Gate disciple present!


By the time everyone understood this point, even the other eight great super sect disciples could not help but gasp in their hearts. The faces of the top disciples from every faction even turned faintly pale. Clearly, they were greatly frightened by Lin Dong's insane actions.

Although there were ultimately some deaths and injuries in previous Great Sect Competitions, no one had truly thought of completely exterminating another party. Even Zhou Tong had only killed a hundred Yuan Gate disciples, as well as the little Yuan King of that competition…

Yet, Lin Dong was currently attempting to completely exterminate every...

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