Chapter 805: Battle of the Top

Chapter 805: Battle of the Top


A hand reached out behind Lei Qian’s body and pressed down on his back, forcibly receiving every single bit of the incoming boundless power.

Turning his head around, Lei Qian looked at Yuan Cang who had appeared behind him. He wiped off the blood at the corner of his mouth, his expression ugly as he spoke, “This brat is much stronger than before.”

“Eight Yuan Nirvana stage.”

Yuan Cang replied in an indifferent tone, “He has learnt an extremely overbearing body strengthening martial art, hence his physical body is extremely strong. From the looks of it, it seems that he has also improved in that aspect.”

“I was just careless previously.” Lei Qian said as he clenched his teeth.

“You are not his match.”Yuan Cang replied indifferently.

Upon hearing those words, Lei Qian’s complexion changed. Although unwillingness filled his eyes, he did not rebut in the end. He did not hold back at all during his previous attack, however, he was still injured by Lin Dong’s punch. From this, he could see that Lin Dong was not the slightest...

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