Chapter 803: Misery

Chapter 803: Misery

Black light spread across the sky. Several startled gazes looked towards the ancient black symbol hovering in the sky. An astonishing undulation was spreading from it.

“Darkness Ancestral Symbol?”

There was no lack of sharp eyed individuals in the area, hence, they quickly sensed the mysterious undulation. Immediately, cries spread like a ripple.

Yuan Cang frowned as he stared at the Darkness Ancestral Symbol drifting out from between Qingtan’s brows. The fluctuation it gave off was indeed very similar to the Darkness Ancestral Symbol. However… there seemed to be something amiss...

The Darkness Ancestral Symbol was not this weak…

Yuan Cang’s eyes flickered. A moment later, his brows raised as if he had thought of something. He muttered, “It’s actually a symbol created based on the Darkness Ancestral Symbol…”

Yuan Cang’s eyes were extremely sharp. With just a few little clues, he was able to deduce that the ‘Darkness Ancestral Symbol’ in Qingtan’s hand was not the real deal.

“The Darkness Ancestral Symbol is the greatest palace treasure of the Palace of Darkness, and this ‘Ancestral Symbol’ is almost a perfect replica. It is likely that only some old monsters in the Palace of Darkness have the ability to make it. Just who is this girl? To think that she has actually obtained such an item?” Yuan Cang’s eyes flickered as he continuously guessed Qingtan’s identity.

“Could she be someone from the Palace of Darkness?”

Yuan Cang knitted his brows. If that was true, things become rather troublesome. The Palace of Darkness was not inferior to Yuan Gate. If he killed this girl, it was likely that the Palace of Darkness would not let the matter rest. Moreover, the fact that she had obtained this replica ‘Darkness Ancestral Symbol’ likely meant that her status within the Palace of Darkness was quite extraordinary…

“Bang bang!”

While Yuan Cang’s expression was fluctuating, monstrous black light suddenly exploded from the ‘Darkness Ancestral Symbol’ that had flew out from between Qingtan’s brows. The black light agglomerated in the air. In the end, it turned into a huge black figure that could not be seen clearly. A faint but extremely ferocious...

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