Chapter 802: Two Ladies Joining Forces

Chapter 802: Two Ladies Joining Forces

The two ladies who appeared in the sky clearly caused the bloody atmosphere that permeated the area to still for a moment. After being stunned for a while, rich anxiety surfaced in the eyes of many Dao Sect disciples.

“Why has little senior sister Huanhuan stepped forward?”

“How will they be able to stop Yuan Cang!”

The conversations between some Dao Sect disciples were filled with anxiety. Ying Huanhuan was extremely well liked amongst the Dao Sect disciples. Everyone loved this lively and cute girl. As such, fury suddenly surged out from within the hearts of many people when they saw that she had actually stepped forward to face Yuan Cang. However, this fury was not directed at Ying Huanhuan. Instead, it was directed at the overbearing Yuan Gate...


Qing Ye forced back a Yuan Gate spirit general with a palm. Soon after, his face turned ashen as he watched the scene in the sky, as he clenched his fist so tightly that it gave off cracking noises. To think...

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