Chapter 801 - Yuan Cang’s Spirit Emblem

Monstrous Yuan Power surged in the distant sky. Two light figures tore through the sky while accompanied by an extremely fierce and aggressive undulation. Finally, they collided with a loud bang before countless onlooking eyes that were filled with emotion.


A sudden clap of thunder rumbled the moment they collided. Wave after wave of Yuan Power ripples, which were visible to the naked eyes, spread apart. Two figures shot backwards, their feet stepping on the air, before they finally stabilized themselves.

Yuan Cang waved his sleeve, completely eliminating the force within his body. His eyes looked at Chen Gui in the distance as he faintly smiled, “It has been a long time since we have exchanged blows, but you have indeed improved quite a bit.”

“Likewise.” Chen Gui clenched his hand. Grayish-black Yuan Power shuttled and gathered on his palm. He glanced indifferently at Yuan Cang before speaking in an indifferent voice.

“It seems that the Dao Sect disciples are no match for our Yuan Gate…” Yuan Cang smilingly watched the area below. It was obvious that Yuan Gate had obtained the upper hand in the chaotic battle between the two parties.

Chen Gui frowned slightly. He looked to where Qingtan was located. Worry involuntarily flashed across...

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