Chapter 799: The Disciples’ Battle

Chapter 799: The Disciples’ Battle

An unusually intense feeling suddenly began to spread after the roar from the Dao Sect disciples resounded over the rocky terrain.

Countless pairs of eyes from the surroundings gathered on these Dao Sect disciples. Their faces did not contain even the slightest fear even though they were about to face Yuan Gate. Instead, there was a concentrated craziness. Under this craziness, surged a hatred that was difficult to conceal.

Yuan Cang looked at the spirited Dao Sect disciples in the distance. The corners of his mouth lifted into a mocking smile. Soon after, he waved his hand in an indifferent manner. “Do it!”


His voice had just faded when several majestic Yuan Power fluctuation began to erupt from the black mass of Yuan Gate disciples behind him. Gazes that contained unfriendliness locked onto their front one by one.

The six great spirit generals of Yuan Gate were...

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