Chapter 797: Start of the Battle

Chapter 797: Start of the Battle

When Ling Qingzhu’s words sounded out, she could see the smile on Lin Dong’s face disappear bit by bit, before a frightening gloominess slowly appeared. At the same time, an intensely cold murderous desire also surged.

“What happened?” Lin Dong asked in a low voice.

“It seems like the Yuan Gate and Dao Sect disciples met two days ago. They ended up in a dispute because of some friction. After that, Yuan Cang and the rest attacked…” Ling Qingzhu said.

No matter how one looked at it, this matter was likely due to the Yuan Gate’s provocations. After all, the Dao Sect disciples were weaker. Moreover, their main pillar of strength, Lin Dong, was absent. Even if they met Yuan Gate, it was likely that they would give in. Therefore, the reason that things had developed into such a state was most likely the Yuan Gate disciples’ intention.

“After both parties exchanged blows, the Dao Sect disciples have been progressing towards the teleporting formation area while Yuan Gate gave chase. It seems like the latter can no longer control themselves…”

“Did my Dao Sect disciples...

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