Chapter 792 : Might of the Burning Sky Array

792: Might of the Burning Sky Array

Chi Chi!

The flaming light descended from the air, directly engulfing and enveloping the Yang brothers within it. The heat from the rising flames was sufficient to completely melt the gigantic rocks on the mountain cliff.

The Burning Sky Array was one of the signature moves of the Burning Sky Cauldron. If Lin Dong was stronger, he would be able to first suck the two of them into the Burning Sky Cauldron, and then trap them within the Burning Sky Array. Unlike the current situation, where he had only trapped them in the Burning Sky Array. At that time, he would unleash the full strength of the array, and even a Profound Life stage expert would be reduced to ashes.

Of course, the current Lin Dong did not have strength to achieve such a feat. Furthermore, he had just gotten his hands on the Burning Sky Cauldron, and he did not have a clear understanding of its capabilities. Even so, the weaker version of the ‘Burning Sky Array’ that he had summoned was more than what the Yang brothers had bargained for.

As the flaming light array enveloped the brothers, streams of scarlet fire whizzed around...

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