Chapter 791: Martial Emperor Law

791: Martial Emperor Law

“Heh heh, the kids these days are getting more and more insolent. Kid, I don’t care where you come from. Once you come to a place like this, no matter who you are, if you lose your life, no one would know who did it.” Atop the cliff wall, the older brother Yang Zhan looked towards Lin Dong, who had floated up into the air, and could not help but mock with a sneer.

“Brat, if you’re smart, you should hurry up and scram. If you anger me, the 2nd master of the Yang family, you will be begging for your death!” added Yang Wei with a malevolent smile.

Indifference filled Lin Dong’s eyes as he looked towards the two sneering men. Ignoring their words, the scarlet cauldron in his palm suddenly started give off an intense scarlet luster. In the next instance, the cauldron grew dramatically in size, transforming into a gigantic cauldron that was dozens of feet large.

This cauldron was naturally the Burning Sky Cauldron that Lin Dong had obtained from old man Fen...

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