Chapter 790 : Yang Brothers

790: The Yang Brothers

From atop the valley, Lin Dong gazed into the valley before focusing on the rainbow pond. Astonishment flashed within his eyes. Evidently, he never imagined that there would actually be such pure energy within the demonic energy filled Unique Devil Region...

“It is said that a powerful practitioner from ancient times had died here. The practitioner’s bones sunk into the land and prevented the demonic energy’s encroachment. At the same time, this Supreme Purity Celestial Pond was formed.” Ling Qingzhu’s soft voice rang out from the side.

“There is a demon guarding this place and it is very powerful.” Lin Dong said as he shifted his gaze towards the front of the Supreme Purity Celestial Pond. Entrenched on the dark ground was a gigantic black monster snake. This snake had three heads and its fierce and sharp fangs glistened with a cold glint. Saliva dripped from them, corroding the rocks below them.

From the body of the three headed monster snake, Lin Dong was able to feel an extremely malevolent energy fluctuation....

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