Chapter 760: Tit for Tat

Chapter 760: Tit for Tat  

Hundreds of Yuan Gate disciples formed an orderly formation in the air. The majestic ripple that exuded from their bodies gathered together, causing a muffled thunder to resound in the sky. It was a sight that would cause eyebrows to be raised.

Three figures stood at the very front of all the Yuan Gate disciples. The auras from these three may not be as impressive when compared to the combined presence of the hundreds of people behind them, but they were as imposing as three large mountains that stood in front of the Yuan Gate disciples. No one dared to underestimate them.

Lin Dong’s eyes had also narrowed slightly due to the appearance of these three figures. He had once met the little Lightning King, Lei Qian, amongst them. Therefore, his gaze directly looked towards the latter’s left. There he saw a handsome white clothed man that was holding a foldable fan. The fan was flapped slightly, giving him a graceful and scholarly appearance. However, the waves of powerful fluctuations seeping out from him allowed one to understand that it would be extremely foolish to treat him as a helpless scholar,

“He is the little Spirit King, Ling Zhen…” Ying Xiaoxiao softly said. Her face was somewhat solemn as she stared at the white clothed man.

Lin Dong nodded...

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