Chapter 738: Nothing To Speak Of

Chapter 738: Nothing To Speak Of


Wild and violent galloping Yuan Power ripples swept out in the sky above the Demon Sound Mountain at this moment.


Lin Dong’s eyes were icy cold. Both his arms had transformed into dragon arms in an instant. Flapping the dragon wings on his back, a ‘swoosh’ sound appeared along with numerous afterimages before he appeared in front of Shen Yun with lightning like speed. A straightforward punch was thrown forth furiously.

Once his punch was thrown, the space in front exploded immediately before a shocking force directly enveloped Shen Yun’s body.

Shen Yun’s pupils hardened when Lin Dong’s fist wind came sweeping over. Clearly, he had also realized the former’s powerful physical strength. He immediately clenched his hand. Bright golden light gushed from his palm and directly transformed into a golden shield in front of him.

Lin Dong’s dragon fist did not stop as it landed ruthlessly on the golden shield. After which,...

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