Chapter 737: An Unforeseen Development

Chapter 737: An Unforeseen Development

“What arrogant words. After so many years, you are the first person who dares utter such words in front of me.”

A mocking smile involuntarily surfaced on Shen Yun’s face when he heard Lin Dong’s words. He had an extraordinary status amongst the disciples in Yuan Gate. Normally, when others saw that he was one of the eight soul generals, even if they did not immediately respect and fear him, no one dared to claim that they would beat him to death like a dog.

Lin Dong remained indifferent. However, the ferocity within his eyes swiftly accumulated. This unexpected development caused him to be a little fearful. At first, he had already felt that it was inappropriate to bring Ying Huanhuan along. After all, if anything were to happen to her, Lin Dong did not know how to answer to either Ying Xuanzi or Ying Xiaoxiao.

“Lin Dong? That Lin Dong who defeated Yao Ling? You guys are from Dao Sect?” Shen Yun appeared to find this name a little familiar. He frowned slightly, before his eyes narrowed as he looked...

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