Chapter 736: Change in the Situation

Chapter 736: Change in the Situation

Ying Huanhuan watched the incomparably chaotic situation on the mountain from the skies outside of the Demon Sound Mountain. A pair of delicate hands gently landed on the Heavenly Phoenix Zither from time to time. She would lend a hand should the situation turn bad.

Although she would be greatly exhausted from using the Heavenly Phoenix Zither with her current strength, she did not have the time to bother about such an issue at this moment.

The young lady quietly watched the Demon Sound Mountain. Soon after, she discovered that her help seemed to be unnecessary. The Lin Dong trio had already turn the entire Demon Sound Mountain upside down. They had completely obtained the upper hand against their respective opponents.


Ying Huanhuan quietly sighed in relief when she saw this scene. However, just as she was about to withdraw her finger from the Heavenly Phoenix Zither, her eyes suddenly hardened. She suddenly turned around, only to see a handsome white clothed man standing there with a smile.

“Who are you?”

Ying Huanhuan’s face turned slightly cold. Her large...

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