Chapter 735 Sudden Guests

Chapter 735 Sudden Guests

“Let's go!”

While Lin Dong was still startled, the cold laughter of Little Marten rang out in his ears. In the next instant, an exceptionally majestic and boundless fluctuation instantaneously swept out from within Little Marten’s body. The fluctuation was like black clouds that enveloped the skies before turning into a thick pressure that slowly filled the area.

“Grandpa Marten will now let you guys laugh your fill!”

As the majestic aura swept outwards, a blood-thirsty look appeared on Little Marten’s handsome face. He had been extremely infuriated by the Demonic Sound Mountain’s array over this period of time, hence, after breaking the array, his anger had thoroughly exploded.


A purplish black glow that blotted the skies started screaming out of Little Marten’s palm as he directly patted down, smashing a few unlucky fellows into a fleshy pulp. In the next moment, eyes suffused with a purplish black glow locked onto the the Golden Ghost Owl who was currently showing a rather ugly expression.

“You yellow...

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