Chapter 726 Victory and Defeat

Chapter 726 Victory and Defeat


Shock suddenly arose within Wang Yan’s indifferent eyes. However, Lin Dong did not give him much time to be shocked. His eyes were cold as he viciously pressed his golden light wheel onto Wang Yan’s body.

Chi Chi Chi!

The golden light wheel slammed heavily against the golden cuticle layer on Wang Yan’s body. Sparks instantaneously erupted as an ear-piercing noise frantically rang out.


The sharpness of the golden light wheel had obviously reached a terrifying level. As radiant golden sparks violently shot out, cracks began to appear on the Yuan Spirit Cuticle, that had extremely strong defensive properties.

As the cracks appeared, Wang Yan’s pupils abruptly contracted. The Yuan Spirit Cuticle protected him and it was thanks to it, that he was able to survive three all-out attacks from three different nine Yuan Nirvana stage experts. Hence, he never imagined that his defensive...

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