Chapter 703: Success

Chapter 703: Success

The gigantic pillar of light began to dissipate. As the pillar of light dissipated, the skinny figure who had spent the past two months quietly seated within, finally appeared before everyone’s attentive gazes.

At this point of time, a momentary silence seemed to sweep across the entire area.

Amidst the silence, the youth, who was seated before the stone tablet, slowly opened his eyes. The moment his eyes opened, everyone could sense a formless energy wave spread out from his body.

Creak creak!

As the formless energy wave extended outwards, the onlookers shockingly observed the ground and trees that were within a hundred feet of Lin Dong, begin to wither at a shocking rate.

In the twinkling of an eye, the previously lush greenery had become yellowish and desolate.

That energy wave was somewhat similar to the Desolate Force of the Desolate Hall. However, this energy wave was much more pure in essence and terrifying. This was the legitimate Desolate Qi!

At this moment, the facial expressions of those who could feel this energy wave turned exceptionally grave. Was this the power of...

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