Chapter 702 Comprehending the Great Desolation Scripture

Chapter 702 Comprehending the Great Desolation Scripture

“The Great Desolation Scripture was personally created by me long ago. Once you master this skill, a thousand miles within you will be completely desolated. The life force within that thousand miles will gather into one body, and its power will be enough to shatter the heavens.”

An ancient and drawn out voice sounded out from trembling figure on the tablet. Indistinctly, the voice contained a trace of contentment. Clearly, the tablet spirit was rather satisfied with the martial art that he had created.

“Furthermore, it seems that you have mastered the martial art left behind by the Great Desolate King. It may be a mere Soul Martial Art. However, after you have successfully mastered the Great Desolation Scripture, due to the way they complement each other, the strength of that martial art will be multiplied.

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong was slightly stunned. Soon after, happiness and surprise appeared in his eyes. This reward far exceeded his expectations. It appeared that the so-called Great Desolate King had some sort of extraordinary dealings with this tablet spirit...

Lin Dong raised...

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