Chapter 701: Unknown Lifeforms

Chapter 701: Unknown Lifeforms

Within the quiet space, the corners of Lin Dong’s eyes twitched due to the stone tablet’s words. After which, he turned silent. Thoughts rapidly circulated within his mind. He did not know what the familiar object mentioned by the stone tablet was. Mysterious Stone Talisman? Devouring Ancestral Symbol? Or perhaps the Ancient Universe Formation? Might it be all of them?

“The Devouring Ancestral Symbol has also found another owner. Ah, I guess that person has fallen too…” The figure on the stone tablet ignored the thoughts within Lin Dong’s mind. An ancient and raspy voice slowly sounded out.

Lin Dong blinked. It was likely that the person mentioned was the black-eye old man from back then. Based on the memories obtained from that place, it seemed like the both of them were related due to the mysterious black beings.

“There are some familiar martial arts on your body that is somewhat similar to that brat, the Great Desolate King…” The figure on the stone tablet continued.

The corners of Lin Dong’s mouth twitched involuntarily. Was this person mentioning the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Hand? This...

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