Chapter 700: Breakthrough

Chapter 700: Breakthrough

Upon the vast and seemingly endless wasteland, Lin Dong spoke in an earnest yet strange and flat voice, which slowly rang out and echoed across the area..

However, when his voice faded, the area remained deathly quiet. Nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

Yet, this scene did not cause Lin Dong to panic at all. His eyes were tightly fixed onto this spacious land, as if someone was here who could understand his words.

As Lin Dong spoke, more and more specks of light emerged from within his body. Then his legs faded amongst the lights, followed by his waist, then his chest...

The specks of light slowly spread outwards, but the sharpness within Lin Dong’s pupils only grew fiercer and more powerful.

“You once gave senior Zhou Tong and them a chance… why not try again?” Lin Dong’s voice gradually became calmer as he spoke faintly while continuing to stare at this lifeless land.

The specks of...

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